INMHA Strategic Priorities

CIHR is mandated to continually align health research funding with changes in the manner in which health problems and opportunities are identified, understood and addressed. For INMHA, this translates into the mobilization of strategic funding in order to meet some of the most urgent brain and mental health needs of Canadians, and building a solid, sustainable foundation for researchers so that they can respond to knowledge gaps and ensure the greatest global impact of Canadian neuroscience.

INMHA supports its research priorities through an iterative process:

  • Long description
    • Facilitate knowledge translation and exchange
    • Identify knowledge gaps
    • Develop and launch strategic funding opportunities

INMHA strives to integrate three elements in the design of all strategic funding opportunities:

  • Teams: Encouraging teamwork and collaboration among researchers, knowledge users and stakeholders
  • Open science: Making new knowledge available to all and incorporating open science principles into new funding opportunities
  • Knowledge translation and exchange: Ensuring data is effectively shared among researchers and knowledge users, and translated into tools that can be used by decision makers, policy makers, healthcare practitioners and the general public


INMHA organizes the priorities of the Institute by stating two primary objectives:

  1. Respond to the brain and mental health needs of Canadians by supporting Government of Canada health research priorities and catalyzing research opportunities in areas of emerging need; and
  2. Support the Canadian brain and mental health research community by facilitating networking and interdisciplinary platforms, and enhancing career development and trainee mobility.
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