Funding Analytics

CIHR is committed to ensuring that health research and health-related data in Canada are used effectively to advance knowledge, expand research opportunities, and improve health services, products and outcomes for the good of Canadians. As part of this commitment, we are actively developing and implementing activities to improve access to CIHR’s own internal data on its competition processes.

CIHR’s Funding Analytics team provides an important point of entry for the community to access and request CIHR competition data. Year-end demographics tables and figures for CIHR grant and award competitions will be made available annually in May. For analyses requiring non-aggregated data, members of the research community may partner with the CIHR Funding Analytics team to collaboratively conduct analyses on data that is considered confidential and/ or sensitive.

To identify overlapping requests from community members with similar interests, an outline of the analyses that CIHR is considering undertaking or currently undertaking is publically displayed on Special Studies page.

Contact information

Requests for data and/or collaborative analyses can be made to the CIHR Funding Analytics team via

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