International and global health collaborations

As part of its mission, CIHR seeks to lead, stimulate and facilitate effective Canadian international involvement in health research that benefits Canadians and the global community.

As defined in CIHR's Act, CIHR is required to have a perspective and sphere of action that transcends national boundaries. For example, the Act provides for "the improvement of people's health in Canada and the world" and of "support for the participation of Canadian researchers in international collaboration and partnerships".

CIHR’s strategic plan, Health Research Roadmap II: Capturing Innovation to Produce Better Health and Health Care for Canadians, commits CIHR to expand its international perspective and promote broader international engagement. CIHR has a responsibility to:

  • Promote Canadian research excellence and leadership
  • Enhance the impact of research outcomes
  • Provide access to leading expertise, facilities, technologies, unique populations, and environments
  • Enable a better response to common and unique health challenges in Canada and abroad.

To date, CIHR has supported an increasing number of research grants and training awards with an international focus through its Investigator-Driven Research and Priority-Driven Research Funding programs, while developing a corresponding platform of international engagement activities in areas such as policy, ethics and knowledge translation.

CIHR has over 60 international agreements and Canadian researchers are currently working with researchers in 75 countries. This international work has led to cutting-edge research and contributed to the improvement of the health of Canadians and citizens throughout the world.

International collaboration

Enable Canadian researchers and decision-makers to participate in international research collaborations and to share access to the world’s best facilities, equipment, and research training environments as well as engage in policy, ethics and knowledge translation activities

Global health research

Study of health, health system and health equity issues related to low and middle-income countries (LMICs) to advance global health research, build capacity and engage in knowledge translation

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